Public Realm

Created by internationally-renowned multi-disciplinary design practice, Gillespies, the public realm uses materials sympathetic to the established location.

Buildings surrounded by public gardens

The use of sympathetic materials ensures that Arena Central forms seamlessly into its surrounding environment but breaks from convention with the inclusion of over 50 percent soft landscaping. Designed to echo statement urban spaces such as New York’s High Line and the Promenade Plantee in Paris, it features a distinctive pedestrian ‘spine’ that runs through the site.

The design allows for a gradual transition from high quality granite paving towards softer interspersed greenery and a wild meadow, complemented by a flowing water channel travelling from the north to the south side. To ensure that this environment is maintained to the highest possible quality for occupiers at Arena Central, their staff and customers, Colliers International has been appointed as managing agent.

Sketch of future public garden design